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Elaine Kenny

Cert in Dent. Hygiene

Sukhman Jutla

Dip. Dent. Hygiene and Therapy


Alan Bree BDS

Clive Bevitt BDS

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  • Provide modern and up to date dental care for all ages in a friendly, relaxed environment

  • Help you understand your dental needs

  • Assist you in taking the steps needed to minimise future problems

  • Provide comprehensive dental treatment

Our mission at Dental Care in Kettering

Your treatment options are:

Denplan Care

This is the most well-known of the private capitation schemes. Patients once dentally 'fit' can be accepted into the scheme and pay a monthly premium to provide for all routine treatment.


Denplan Essentials

Regular check-ups, radiographs, hygiene appointments and dental health advice to suit your needs. Other treatment is available under a preferential fee scale. A preventive programme for a monthly fee.


Private Care

Most adult patients will attend the practice via this route, paying a fee per item. We will provide a written dental treatment plan and estimate. You will be invited to join Denplan Care once dentally 'fit,' or you may wish to receive future treatment as fee per item. The choice is yours.


NHS Care

We have a restricted NHS contract, which limits treatment to children and specific adult groups.

We aim to maintain the highest standards; we are Denplan Excel accredited and a member of the BDA Good Practice Scheme. All dentists adhere to the rules governing the profession (the General Dental Council's guidance, Standards for Dental Professionals Our practice is based around patient service; making you feel comfortable is our priority.

Why choose us?

At Dental Care in Kettering, our mission is to:

For friendly and caring family dentistry contact Dental Care in Kettering on:

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